New website and forum; Plugins repository in early 2015

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It’s already been 20 days since we announced our, dear I say it?, excellent new forum, powered by Discourse. We just couldn’t make it super-duper-official until today, due URL rewriting– snore. So what else can you expect from in 2015? jMonkeyEngine Plugins Repository! Our long awaited repository for plugins, assetpacks and more is now scheduled to coincide…


Oh, that’s beautiful music to my ears.

:chimpanzee_facepalm: lol, I - I should have viewed the link first…

It would be nice to have the .nbm or “offline” installer links available there, as well. This is mostly in consideration for those that have to jump drive install to a non-networked computer.

like in ?

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Any chance that the plugins and nightly’s are available as maven dependency too at some point?
Not asking any date or similar, only if its even considered?

Beside that, nice work!


like the Contributions section, and displayed along side the pretty pictures n descriptions.

Come to think of it the question I’m trying to think of might be… would you be doing a similar look for, but with the additional fluff being supplied by this plugins repository web front end? … that didn’t sound right…

Functionally structured like
a standardized look, like forums,home,wik, but not Javadoc(lol, Javadoc css)…

Something like that?
Don’t worry, I’ll be asking the right question, soon, but maybe this gets close…

Are We There Yet?

The plugins website will basically allow you to link to a github repository with meta data: descriptions, images and youtube videos.

That data will be pulled and compiled by the jmonkey build server and listed within the SDK too - just like they are now. Eventually the website will have a link such as jmonkey://plugin-identified which will automatically prompt you in the SDK to install it - very much like steam does it.

This eventual situation will allow you to both showcase your contribution in the best light by means of markdown, images and youtube, and direct integration into the SDK via a URI scheme.

As for “are we there yet” - yeah pretty much. I took a week or so off to clear my head after months of solid work on it, but yes it is still active, still being developed, and still very much something I want to get done and running.