New Wiki editor

I have added a wiki tutorial on how to contribute to the wiki using the Atom Editor.

If anyone has a problem doing this, let me know.

The only part I am foggy with is I have Wiki privileges so I am not sure how GitHub handles a push from someone without them. I don’t know if GitHub will automatically place the push into the pull request tab for the Wiki on GitHub or if you will have to clone the wiki into your account, then clone that into the Atom editor.

I do know the Atom editor tracks all pull requests.

This is intended to make Wiki editing easy and open to the masses so we can get more contributors.

I have been using it for a few days now and find it to be AWESOME.

As part of the process the Wiki README.adoc has been updated.


I’ll try it in this weekend.

I tried it, and I have some problem.

  1. I can’t install packages.
    It seems that connection to ATOM download server is forbidden by GFW (Great Firewall of China).
    So I cloned their source from github, and installed with npm install. it works for me.

  2. Some module is missing
    When restart ATOM, it told me that autocomplete-asciidoc and asciidoc-image-helper could not work because some module is missing. Maybe I should update my ATOM to lastest version.

  3. Have no right to commit.
    I don’t have primission to commit to jMonkeyEngine/wiki directly. I will edit in my own clone and make a PR when finished my work.

autocomplete-asciidoc requires autocomple-plus which is a default package. Check to make sure its active under File->settings->packages.

asciidoc-image-helper has no requirements but after reading how it works it should not be used so uninstall it. The problem is it doesn’t rely on the imagedir attribute you set in the document. Instead it uses a single image path you set in the settings for the package. This means it will dump all images into that image folder.

The wiki uses subfolders of the images folder that match the same file structure the adoc file is stored in. So asciidoc/advanced/jme3/myFile.adoc stores images under images/advanced/jme3/ for example.

Ok, that was what I expected might happen. Clone the repository first on github and use that for your changes.

Ill mention it on Atom forum and see if theres a workaround.

Before I post a question there, clone the wiki on github to your account, setup Atom to use that clone.

Make a small edit to a wiki page like src\docs\asciidoc\documentation_zh.adoc, push into your clone and lets see if it will become a pull request to the wiki.

Ok, once we get things in sync with the clone issue, we can make a change to src\docs\asciidoc\wiki\atom_editor.adoc explaining how to work around.

The missing module is:

(1) for autocomplete-asciidoc
Cannot find module ‘lodash’
Cannot find module ‘season’
(2) for asciidoc-image-helper
Cannot find module ‘atom-space-pen-views’

I update ATOM to version 1.21.0-beta0 as it’s recommanded, they are still missing.

I searched the problem on StackOverflow:

So I just go to required folder (.atom/package/atom-autocomplete-asciidoc) and install them, it’s OK now.

What OS are you using?

Also you can use the forum for Atom if you can access it from your location,

It is Window 7 x64.
You know what? I’m trying Eclipse with Asciidoc plugins.:smirk:

I have same OS so the way you had to install it is the problem.

I have failed with Eclipse. Back to ATOM.

Network is the biggest problem. I just cannot download some needed things from foreign server. Alway I got “connection timeout” or “connection is forbidden”.

That leads me to do things hand by hand. I use GitBash as my terminal.

As the ATOM told me which modules are missing, I go to the required folder and installed them.

First the autocomplete-asciidoc

$ cd /C/user/yan/.atom/packages
$ cd atom-autocomplete-asciidoc
$ npm install lodash
$ npm install season

Then the atom-asciidoc-image-helper

$ cd atom-asciidoc-image-helper
$ npm install atom-space-pen-views

By the way, I also installed “markdown2asciidoc” package. It doesn’t work because I installed python 3 and it wants python 2. That’s not really a problem.

ATOM 1.21.0-beta0

$ node -v
$ npm -v
$ python -V
Python 3.6.0

Did you install the .zip version of Atom?

Did you use these directions for installing?

Using gitBash you first clone

cd C:\
git clone
cd atom


 script\build --create-windows-installer  


I installed with ATOM.exe, it works fine when installed. All problems come out when I’m trying to install packages.

AtomSetup-x64.exe right?

and how did you get the file exactly?

What I am trying to understand is how is it you can download and install but then the package part fails so I can ask about it on Atom forum.

Maybe its something they can fix.

Yes, it’s AtomSetup-x64.exe. I download it from github, with VPN, many days ago.

Did you see this yan?