New wiki navigation button

Wanted to add a new navigation button to the wiki so tried to add an icon to the tool file. This would be my first attempt at updating the configuration of the wiki repository. It requires someone with access to restart travis I believe, which I cant do, before the change I submitted can taken hold.

Reason for the addition is I am tired of backing out of pages to get back to the main navigation page for the wiki.

It would be a drop down list of links.

My suggestion for links,

First link would be to the main wiki page.

Second link to this forum.

Third link to javadoc,

The possible icons for the new button are found here,

I like the fa-navicon myself.

I wanted to also update the font awesome link to 4.7.0,

That requires restart also.

Before making more changes, input from community on which links and icon they want is being sought, assuming core wants this to happen.

I would like some info on who to notify of the changes or what the procedure is I need to follow to get the changes to take effect.


Travis automatically builds and deploys changes made on the master branch. Can you make a pull request for this?

Made pull request.

Awaits merge.

Did you want to do something with the pull request or should I go ahead and merge it?

Oh sorry, I didn’t know you already have commit access… Yeah, I think you can just merge it

Still didn’t show up. I must be missing something so I will dig into it more tomorrow.