New wiki ui repository

Part of setup for the new wiki requires someone with organization privileges to setup a new repository for the user interface project.

Current naming scheme for repositories in the organization looks like so:


One could assume the ui repo would be,


Please suggest alternative names if you wish.


To my Engine-oriented mind, “ui” suggests the user interface for the Engine. If the repo is to hold the user interface for the Wiki, perhaps “wiki-ui” would be clearer.


I felt that was correct also.

Do you know who is in control of organization currently that could create a repo?

I can provide the repo link to import once its final on name. Only config would need to be adding @Ali_RS, myself (mitm001) and @davidB (github names) to the admin privileges. We can do the rest.

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I believe any of the 13 owners could do it for you:
People · jMonkeyEngine · GitHub

Ahh, great, @Ali_RS can get us started.

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Hi @mitm
Seems I do not have enough privilege to create a repository. As Stephen mentioned I guess only the owners can do it. (can be Stephen, Jayfella, Paul, MeFisto94,…)

I’ll do it now.

Edit: done. Let me know ASAP if anything needs changing.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @sgold.

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