NEW Zombie Apocalypse Simulator - Video preview :)


Because the spotlight update broke my code, the svn deleted my project

and now I’m not even able to see Lighting.j3md materials at all and must stay with unshaded.j3md,

therefore I started a little project with cute graphics and fun gameplay.

I won’t tell too much, but it will be like infector world domination but 3D and more realistic.

Here’s a video of the progress done under less than 24 hours:

Tell me what you think :)
Also, if your a texture artist, you would be real needed :D

WWWWOWW!!! I LIKE IT!!! You can make a survival geme!!!

Recently, I played in Zombie Driver. It was really cool! So, Your project is very interesting for me!!!

Zombie Driver

You can meke a gameplay like in zombie driver. Top camera view, destroyed city in fire, a player runs at a city and save people.

Lol, great job xD

Wow, how come you didn’t go with this concept in the first place? A zombie FPS is cool and all, but this game is way more original!

The little spy guys kinda remind me of the mental sensor guys from Psychonauts.

I kinda have to also agree with elrend_sh there too. I liked your other game a lot but this one seems more interesting at first glance. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the positive feedback all!

I might enable fps mode and strategy mode too, but as for now, these cute little bastards will live on their own :stuck_out_tongue:

nice, cool graphics, i prefer the simulation game than the fps game, because there are too many fps games.

I also prefer this one over your previous :stuck_out_tongue: By the way, considering the looks and the low graphics mode used, perhaps this would do nicely as an app on android? :wink:

That is one EPIC thought!

I think that I might do that once this game has developed a bit :smiley: