Newbie-Question: 1st Tutorial-App (Simple Game-Cube) doesn't start

Dear Community

I am absolutely new to jME (and it's so cool!) and rather new to Java. I've got about 10 year Visual-Basic-Experience though.

Now I decided to remake a project based on jME (cause it's so cool ;)) and Java 6. After learning the Basics of Java I wanted to do the jME-Tutorial and started with the 1st one, which creates a Cube and bases on SimpleGame. My Code is as following:


import com.jme.math.Vector3f;

import com.jme.scene.shape.Box;

public class HelloWorld extends SimpleGame


public static void main( String args[] )


You might find this helpful:

Thank you for your input. Unfortunately it didn't run (first) even according to this tutorial.

After some more investigation and with a little luck I finally found the error:

the native lwjgl-dll wasn't compatible with my jme-version because I took it from another project which is from the year 2005.

So my solution consisted of three steps:

  • Correcting a typo in the tutorial (Box b instead of Boxb)
  • adding the command-line-parameters to the project in netbeans (which is simpler than running it by batch file ;))
  • downloading the most recent (1.1) Version of lwjgl which is compatible with jme 0.99

    Maybe an Administrator is reading this and might add/change this in the tutorial. :slight_smile:

    Now I'm hopping to have much fun in going through all the tutorials during my holidays next week.

    Have a nice day, folks!

There is a topic about this in the wiki: