Newbie questions about the capabillities of jMonkey


I have some questions about the Engine.

  1. The manual says that video rendering is deprecated. So is currently no solution to use a video as a texure ?

  2. Has jMonkey a decal system? Or what are the possibillities to paint in textures?


  1. javafx bridge seems to work, javacv seems to be working also.

  2. No, but there is one flaoting in the forums.

  3. Are you sure you search for a core engine and not a game framework? Your questions kinda sound like that.


you’re right with your assumption. I’m looking for a whole GameEngine.

I thought jmonkey covers all the needed functionality. Like Rendering(2d,3d) , Inputhandling,Audio,Video,Scenemanagement,Physics,Shaders… and so on.

So why jMonkey is “only” a core engine ?

yes it does all that, Video not so well at the moment (mainly it’s to do with licensing issues I believe).

The core part means we don’t shove very specific things in there, i.e an FPS creator, cus not all games want that. Instead it provides you with generic tools to create, and doesn’t try and limit you in any way. There are a number of useful plugins (voxels, entity systems, decal, 2d physics etc), which some games may want and some don’t.

So you take the core engine and then add plugins you want, or create your own functionality (and release it as plugins for other people). There are some things that come bog standard though, like glow, fog, and a handful of materials, nifty-gui as well as built in bullet physics (some of these can be removed from the library easily if you don’t want it)


thank you for your Explanation.