Nifty and jMonkey - Problem with image, appear mirrored


I have a problem with use of the Nifty in jMonkey Engine. The image appear mirrored in the game.

I had used these combinations:

  1. jMonkey 2.0.1, Nifty 1.2 and nifty-jme-renderer 1.0
  2. jMonkey 2.1, Nifty 1.2 and nifty-jme-renderer 1.0
  3. jMonkey 2.1, Nifty 1.3 and nifty-jme-renderer 1.0

    In all appear this problem. I need use the stable version of jMonkeyEngine. In the jME3.0 Nifty appear normally

    Thanks for your help

jME2 is not officially supported any longer, nor is its Nifty implementation. If stability is your only reason for choosing jME2, I advise you to reconsider. At this point jME3 can be considered equally stable, and when bugs do occur they’re promptly fixed, as opposed to the old jME2 codebase which is fairly stagnant by now.

This is a bug in Nifty Jme render and I add a patch rencently in:

You can also use the Nifty Lwjgl render directly to avoid this bug in your Jme2 project.