Nifty-Editor @ JMESoc

Hi all, as you may know , I sent my application to google summer of code about nifty-editor integration and I didn’t make it, but I was accepted for JMESoc! that is always cool! :smiley: .The goal is a bit reduced because of the less hours per week that I will spend with the project . The spirit otherwise is the same : build a clear and stable platform that can be easily extended in the future. You can find any further information about the current version of nifty-editor on my site and on github . Also I opened two topics in jme community hub : First is about the project in general and the second it’s about the integration process . In these two topics I explained most of the things I’m going to do about the future of nifty-editor . This topic instead will be about the working progress in this summer for JMESoc . It will include all the updates and the discussion about the development process.
Well , what I’m going to build in this summer ? create a nifty-editor for JME . This process will be divided in two phases

  1. Port nifty-editor to jme platform . I’ll integrate my editor in JME environment possibly with also real-time sync between xml and visual editor. ( I found a nice example on internet , I read it fast but it could drive me in the right direction ).
    2) Enchant the editor. I’ll add the possibility to add effects and interact element to the gui , also it will be possible to refer user style ( but no style editor ) , and finally to refer user controls ( but no control editor ) . I’ll build also some more user friendly editors ( for example a cool editor for image mode attribute ).

This is the goal for JMEsoc but on the Enchant phase I could add more features for example “deep element editing” if there will be time .
That’s all folks , if you want to try the stand alone version of nifty-editor is available here . Ask here for any further details about nifty-editor at JMESoc .

Bye, Cris


Welcome Cristiano!

This is an exciting project and I can’t wait to start using it.

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Looks great !! :smiley:

looking forward the effects and interaction elements :smiley: