Nifty, font color inverted

Dear all,

Another problem with nifty: the font color is inverted…

This is my code :
[java]Screen index = nifty.getCurrentScreen();
Element element = index.findElementByName(“GPanel0”);
for(int i = 0; i < profileSize; i++) {
final int b = i;
// Panel for color, text & button
new PanelBuilder(“prof” + i) {{
height(profileHeight + “px”);
// text
text(new TextBuilder() {{
// Button
control(new ButtonBuilder(“selectButton_” + b) {{
label(“select profile”);
}}.build(nifty, index, element);

And this is the result:

As you can see, the alpha canal is inverted :frowning:

Do you know how to fix the bug???

Thank a lot.

I think is something related with jme render… but I’m not an expert here :frowning: is it a bitmap font ? why don’t you try to invert the bmp file ? It could be a workaround by now… :slight_smile:

Btw I’ve just tried with a font genereted with the font wizard and it works … have you tried some other fonts ?

Yes, it is a bitmap font. And it is the same with ALL font i’ve tried… And there are all generated with the font wizard…

And invert the bmp file is a problem because:

  1. I don’t know how it works :slight_smile:
  2. The font is used on many places and works perfectly on the other places.