Nifty GUI Image Health Bar

Hello people of the Jme Forums,

so recently I have been playing a bit of TF2, and if you are also a tf2 player you will notice that the health bar is a custom cross symbol and the status slowly decreases inside.

Is there a way that you can do that in jme?

I would like a sick health bar in the shape of doge’s face. (Just kidding)

In case you’ve never played tf2:

With tonegodgui you can use Indicator.

is there a way to do it with nifty?

Is this not kind of the same question as Updating Number Nifty ???

You could probably replicate this effect using the clip effect and changing the size of the element to clip the image of the ‘+’. If that doesn’t work, you could always make an effect that is based on clip and you update according to the player’s health.

Sorry about that, I meant for this post to be how to update the nifty FYI (updating text/number) and the other post was actually making a health bar.