Nifty GUI Manual PDF / XSD / Documentation Issues

I’m having some trouble with the Nifty GUI documentation - I’m unable to download any manual (all mirrors of the 1.3 PDF appear to be offline or perhaps just blank files - SourceForge never starts any download) and I can’t get code-completion working for XML in the SDK (I’m not sure how Netbean’s XML code completion works - could this be because the XSD doesn’t actually exist at the URL specified by the gui files?).

It would be super-helpful if somebody could upload the v1.3 PDF manual to somewhere more reliable?

I’m having no issues downloading from , what I get is .

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You’re right! It seems to be an issue with Chrome - perhaps specifically Chrome on Ubuntu 12.10… it could even be a plugin messing things up. Regardless, it downloads fine with Firefox. Thanks for checking, I should’ve tried another browser before posting :slight_smile:

Do you have any different experiences with the XML editor - is it code-completing for you? I only ask because the wiki has an entry about code completion - it would be great to have it work as well as it does for the rest of JME :slight_smile:

Unfortunately nifty is very…flexible…in its use of XML so the auto complete can’t handle it :frowning: