Nifty GUI Minimap

Ive been google for weeks for examples/tutorials on how to create a simple small square minimap but all i can find is people asking questions on how to fix theres with no examples nothing so im still clueless as to how i should create it.

Would anyone be able to link some java code/nifty xml code to create a minimap or perhaps a link to a tutorial. Thanx

Here is the code to attach a texture to nifty … now you only need to know how to draw minimap to a texture:
RenderImage ri = new RenderImageJme(tex);
Element image = nifty.findPopupByName(“name”).findElementByName(“image”);
NiftyImage newImage = new NiftyImage(nifty.getRenderEngine(), ri);

Surely there’s more experienced people here that could provide more information :slight_smile: good luck!