Nifty Gui - Trigger a nifty effect from java


I’m trying to trigger an nifty effect from java.

Something like this:



<panel id=“JuegoPanelJug1” height=“90%” width=“50%” backgroundImage=“Interface/Imagenes/Pantalla 4. Juego/Panel Jugador Izquierda - V.0.1.png” align=“left” valign=“center” childLayout=“horizontal”>


<onStartScreen name=“move” mode=“toOffset” offsetX="-${CALL.getScreenWidht()}" length=“1000” startDelay=“0” neverStopRendering=“true”/>

<onCustom customKey=“onHide” name=“hide” tartegElement=“JuegoPanelJug1” length=“0” startDelay=“0” neverStopRendering=“true”/>


</panel> [/xml]

The java code:

[java] List<Effect> moveEffects = nifty.getScreen(“Juego”).findElementByName(“JuegoPanelJug1”).getEffects(EffectEventId.onCustom, Hide.class);

moveEffects.get(0).start(moveEffects.get(0).getAlternate(), moveEffects.get(0).getCustomKey());


I’ve try a differents things but with no success.

I have looked for examples but I can’t find anything that help me.

Where is the problem?

Is there any example that I can follow about this topic?


I’m a bit confused by your code, but the correct way to start a nifty effect from java is (the Custom effect in this case):


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Thanks rickard.

Now it’s working fine. The code is this

[java] nifty.getScreen(“Juego”).findElementByName(“JuegoPanelJug1”).startEffectWithoutChildren(EffectEventId.onCustom, null, “onHide”);[/java]