Nifty MenuItemActivatedEvent


I’ve been away for a while and have just synced the latest month(!) of updates and adjusted my project accordingly.

It seems like the nifty menu doesn’t work, and i can’t seem to find any forum post about it and the example seems to be the same as before.

It subscribes and unsubscribes correctly ( the log says so) , but it never executes “onEvent” in my MenuItemActivatedEventSubscriber, when i click a menu item, and i haven’t changed any of my project code.

I’ve tried both the latest build supplied with jme, and the latest nightly 1.3.1.

Any help appreciated.

Sorry Rickard but I can confirm that the menu is indeed broken :frowning: That is the first severe bug of the Nifty 1.3 release. I’ve added a bug report to the bug tracker for nifty and I’ll fix it asap.

Sorry to hear it’s broken. Glad you’re working on it!

I’ll try to find my latest working version of nifty meanwhile.

fixed in svn for 1.3.1-SNAPSHOT. please see the bug tracker for details. there are some minor code changes necessary in your code (you’ll need to close the popup on your own because this won’t happen automatically anymore). the bugfix happened in the nifty-default-controls project and I’ve updated the nifty-examples project too.

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Confirmed and working in: nifty-default-controls-1.3.1-20110716.000234-9.jar