NIfty Multi-line input component?


I am writing a game in which the player will some times be able to write code-like text. Is there a Nifty component that can do this or some sort of setting that I missed? So far, my best bet is the TextField, but that one will not add new lines when I press enter, and neither will it wrap my text. (I’m creating it using Builders btw). Also the text appears centered which is not dersireable when coding.

Any ideas on this?

This is not yet supported unfortunatly. It’s already on the list of things to do

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Sweet and not sweet at the same time i suppose. Nice that it’s on the todo, to bad that it’s not don. :slight_smile: Could I be so bold as to ask for an ETA? Just so that I can know how much time so spend on circumventing this via some hack.



A good thing for me is that I want this thing in a new window, so for now I’ve just replaced it with a new JFrame and a JTextArea. Looks like hell, but hey, so do most oldschool coding tools so I might be on to something here. :slight_smile:

Anyways, still looking forward to that. I’d rather have as little Swing as possible (read: none) in my game. :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up!