Nifty SetCustomKey()? at run-time after an element is already created

So i’ve just started my new project, and i’m working on some nifty effects. Never used the nifty java builder before since this morning, but everything was going alright until i needed to set the custom key at runtime to an already existing onCustom effect. I can do most of what i need through the EffectProperties, which i found from here:


List<Effect> effects = effectsPanel.getEffects(EffectEventId.onCustom, Move.class);

EffectProperties moveInEffect = effects.get(0).getParameters();

moveInEffect.put(“direction”, “top”);


There exists a way to Get the custom key, but theres no way to set it through the EffectProperties.

[java] String customKey = effects.get(0).getCustomKey(); [/java]

My nifty sources/javadoc doesn’t seem to work. I would have thought jME would provide them? I downloaded the 1.3.1 files and tried to attach them with no luck, which makes navigating through the nifty library a whole lot harder :stuck_out_tongue:

I found a class which allows setting the customKey, but i’ve no idea how to get access to it through an element, anyone know how i can? :slight_smile: <3

ControlEffectAttributes (Nifty 1.3-SNAPSHOT API)