Nifty shows a white widget with LWJGL_OPENGL1 in alpha4

Left is a computer with OGL2 support.

Right is an old computer with partially support from OGL1.5 to 2.0.

Both of them uses LWJGL_OPENGL1 as the jme3 renderer.(not the nifty renderer)

I guess it is a problem of not supporting none power of 2 texture because I got the same problem when I use a none power of 2 texture as the background.

Most images in nifty-style-black-1.3-SNAPSHOT.jar are none power of 2 images. But I don’t know why that Jme2 can handle them.


none power of 2 textures are usually handled inside nifty render devices. not sure if the jme3 one correctly handles this? But I’m pretty sure it does. any ideas? o_O

@void256: Yes you’re right. The OpenGL1 renderer will need to automatically rescale non power of 2 textures.