Nightly build installation

I would like to start this topic in order to have installation guide of jME nightly builds on different systems.

Isn't the nightly build just the compiled jars?

You should be able to follow the wiki pages on getting started in jME by just skipping all the parts about checking the code out and compiling it (as thats what the nightly gives you).

windows !

Download Java JDK and install it :

Download Eclipse and install it  :

Download jme nightly build :

  download highly build + source

Unzip the 2 zips.

After, I don't know where to put them in order to use and import them in Eclipse

I cannot use retreive from CVS here, because at work the proxy blocs. In my home no pb because I follwed the tutorial from CVS configuration


neozerabbit said:

After, I don't know where to put them in order to use and import them in Eclipse

Anywhere you like.  You can tell Eclipse to import external jars for your project:

Project Properties > Java build Path > Libraries > Add External JARs...

with you solution, project  compile but I have class def not found on exectution.

But it helped my very well.

See Wiki :

The solutions is :

Configure the jME Project

Right-click the jME project → Properties → Java Build Path → Libraries tab → Add Library… → User Library → Next → User Libraries… → New, enter jME required for the User library name, click OK. Select jME required → Add JARs…, browse to the folder yourworkspace/jME/lib/, then hold down the ctrl key and select:

    * jinput.jar

    * jogg-0.0.5.jar

    * jorbis-0.0.12.jar

    * junit-4.1.jar

    * lwjgl.jar

    * lwjgl-applet.jar

    * lwjgl-fmod3.jar

    * lwjgl-test.jar

    * lwjgl-util.jar

    * lwjgl-util-applet.jar

Then click Open → expand lwjgl.jar →

Native Library Location → Edit → Workspace… → expand jME → select lib → OK → OK → Finish.

Do not forget to add native dll library in the library you've just defined: it was my mistake