Nightly Build

Looks as if the nightly build will be supporting 1.0 and 2.0. Pending on decisions being made this maybe 1.1 latest ( and 1.0 final ).

2.0 will perhaps also be 2.0 earlyAlpha, 2.0RC1 etc

To aid in the decision for the future of the nightly build, the following stats collected on downloads over the last few months are :-



Hits 500, KB 1794187


Hits 2230, KB 4974306


Hits 9919, KB 5633643


Hits 2042, KB 5216177

May so far

Hits 783, KB 2798033

Strange annomaly in march, can only think a bot went wrong or someone had a repetitive seizure whilst on the download page

I'm fighting the second day with Ant and Maven to get JME2 building…

To have a nightly build of JME2 would be really nice, but I can't find a working link (the one on the download page seems broken).

As nobody else is complaining, I'm probably just blind, so could you please take me by the hand and lead me to the bell of boredom, uh, I mean… well of wisdom - ah, that's better!


yes, it’s not easy to find how to install jme2. At first, you was perhaps at then click on “Source” and you will land here:

# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
svn checkout jmonkeyengine-read-only

Perhaps, you should install svn. Then you create a project called "jme2".
The installation process is like in jme 1.0. In Eclipse, you create a user library which you call per example "jme 2.0 required". Then you add the jars which you find in jme2/lib. To these jars, you add the the native directories. Then a right click at build.xml in the main directory-> Run as-> click at the second ant->enable webdist-all->apply->run...
At jme2/target, you will find the created jme jars. You add them to the user library "jme 2.0". To your new projects, you always add "jme 2.0 required" and "jme 2.0".


I think, you used jmonkeyengine-read-only. Use only

Same thing…

Checkout from, revision HEAD, Fully recursive, Externals included

OPTIONS of '': Could not resolve

hostname `': The requested name is valid and was

found in the database, but it does not have the correct associated data being

resolved for.


In Eclipse: SVN -> checkout projects from svn -> NEXT -> must be created or used -> NEXT -> click on -> NEXT -> click on "checkout as a project in workspace -> Project name: "jme2" or what you want ->NEXT->Finish

I had some troubles with setting up the proper required user library for the JME2.0 project, only due to I didn't notice at first that the lib folder was structured differently ;). So that's been running fine now, I only have a problem with compiling it, but Ill take some of the suggestions here and see what I can do.

However, I'd like to add this in the meantime, for those who need to find a svn plugin for eclipse, subclipse worked very nicely for me: