No preview for nifty xml files?

I’ve just started going through the documentation for Nifty GUI and I don’t have the Design and Source buttons like I see in all the screenshots…is there something special I need to do to be able to preview the xml files?


Create a nifty template via New File

>Gui. And see if you are able to open the created gui with the nifty preview.
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glaucomardano, thanks that was the problem. When I right-click the Interface folder, click “New”, there was an option for XML Document, Java Class, Java Package etc, but not Nifty GUI file. Empty Nifty GUI File now appears as an option in the right-click menu now that I’ve created one from the New File window. I don’t know if that’s a bug or the way it normally works, but it might be a good idea to add that to the docs.

The process of creating a new file is universal and well documented. The menu updates automatically based on your last selections.

The problem is that the tutorial said to create an empty XML file, and the first option when I right-click the folder was XML Document, Nifty GUI file wasn’t there, so I chose XML Document. Even in the New File window, “NiftyGUI” isn’t listed unless you choose “GUI”. If you choose “XML” like the tutorial says, you won’t be able to preview the xml file.