NoClassDefFoundError when trying to assign PhysicsSpace using jBullet-jme :(


I dont know why, but when I do:

final PhysicsSpace pSpace = PhysicsSpace.getPhysicsSpace();

then I get the error:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/bulletphysics/collision/dispatch/GhostObject
   at MainClass.setupGame(

The line is the one ment earlier in the quote signs..

I belive I might installed jBullet-jme wrong or something :?

All help/hints appriciated :)

I dont know how it got fixed, but I downloaded the svn version of jme-jBullet

then it started working :slight_smile:

So use svn, a tip for those who got same problem :slight_smile:

It seems like before you did not include the jbullet.jar into your classpath. You need to import all .jar files from the distribution zip file into your project. The included jbullet is more recent than the one you can download on the jbullet homepage!

But since jbullet-jme is in heavy development it is best to update it via svn anyway.