Node vs Geometry / Work vs LazyStyle

Hi every one :slight_smile:
I wanted to ask how what would be best to do.
I have a game it has a house(for now no animations).When i import it its a node not geom(i know it can be made geom… but…) How mutch does it actually hurts to give each house a node and not only geom…?
For now it seems i have no reason to use node ,but later a house might change or i might want to do some thing that might need a node(let say a personal light or attach geom to node or batman) .I do not know how the thing might develop soo i need to know how mutch does it actually costs to use a whole node with geom and not a geom it self.
I know i will not have too mutch houses for now, its like 50-60 not more at a time.
And i know i need to use soldiers like a node and not a geom (attach weapons horses ,light other tons of stuff).
Soo mainly i would like a 3rd oppinion on should i really use geoms for houses or node makes no big difference on performace .
My house i a class asside that has a geometry in it soo the actual geometry house is just standing there for now and might get ray casted …
Any oppinion is wellcome :slight_smile: thnx every one . :slight_smile:

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