NodeMouseLook for only y axis rotation?

I am using NodeMouseLook to rotate a camera node. I have it working for both axes but I just want it to affect the y axis. Is there a way to restrict it's movement? Also I want to restrict the x axis on another action so that I can rotate another node, I need to be able to do this also. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Basically I want to have the x axis of the mouse rotate the playerNode on the xz plane and have the y axis of the mouse rotate the camNode on the yz plane



What I have done is to modify the NodeMouseLook and add some bits in the constructor. But I am unsure if anything was already implemented somewhere. Is, what I have done, a good way to do it?

If I were presented with this problem, I probably would consider something like:

enum SingleAxis{ AXIS_X, AXIS_Y, AXIS_Z };

Where a SingleAxis becomes another parameter for the Constructor.  From there, depending on which enumeration is selected, you would instantiate either lookDown/lookUp or rotateLeft/rotateRight (or all four).  From there, depending on which left/right Axis is selected, you can use the setLockAxis() method to constrain the final plane.