Noob: How to add "sides" to a TerrainQuad?

I’m new to JME (and 3D development in general), and I’m trying to follow the examples, but I can’t find anything to help me with this (I’m more than happy to RTFM if someone wants to point me at a relevant source):

I’m trying to generate a “landscape”, a la TerrainFractalGridTest, and it’s going fine, but it basically generates a “surface”. I’d like to be able to put sides on my generated landscape, and a bottom as well (although the bottom will be backface culled, I guess). Something similar to this SimCity UI: .

…Hey, and while we’re on the topic, Can anyone recommend a good tutorial on generating procedural rivers, like SimCity?

(What can I say? I really like the terrain generator UI in SimCity, I guess).

I’ve not seen anything like this in JME. However, it’s probably not so difficult to achieve, since you can access the mesh, or even simpler the altitude of any point.
You then have to create a custom mesh that fits…

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Thanks yang71! Not sure how to “access the mesh” on a TerrainQuad, though (or even what I would do with it, once I got it!). The example in TerrainTestCollision just passes the whole Quad to the physics space.

…Not sure if it’s relevant, but I’m using eclipse, not the JMonkey SDK.