Noob: wow i'm amazed!

I would just like to say how amazed i am about the community here about JGN and JME. Since i've registered and install JME, i've been reading tutorials and wikis and reading the forums, i realize how very talented and gifted many of the members here are. Coming from a Adobe/Macromedia Director and Flash, it's nothing compare to how powerful and amazing JME really is. The moderators here are especially very dedicated to their work and research! Their knowledge and understanding of the engine and implementing networking for multiuser programming just amazes me to O(n^2).

I'm a total noob to JME and networking and all these cool stuff, but have done enough of java programming to understand some basics of it.

I will be asking a lot of question in a couple of days and i'm sure a lot of them will be so easy for some of you. But It's better to ask than not ask at all right? i know that sometimes be reading the javadocs and wikis,  i can figure out the problem myself and how certain functions works, but please go easy on my as i may tend to not understand how it works even after reading it.

Thanks Alot!

Questions are good… the more questions and answers on the forums, the better it is as a resource.

I learned almost everything I know about JME from either the forums or the jmetest package!