Not all tests seem to work ( n00b dilemma moment)

So I just downloaded jme as a bunch of jars and the test jars from the site and I'm finding about half of the standard tests don't work.

About half of the tests, including jmetest.effects.TestDynamicSmoker and jmetest.terrain.TestTerrainLighting, I'm getting a noSuchMethodError in com.jme.input.NodeHandler initialisation, although jmetest.renderer.TestFireMilk, TestMd2 and TestMd2JmeWrite give me a NoClassDefError. Most of the other tests work fine.

My video card drivers are sound and up to date and my ClassPath is working alright for the rest of the tests. Any idea what is going on there?

You got all the JARs and DLLs from the same place?

I would highly recommend getting the version from CVS.  When I was first starting out I had lots of problems until I switched to using CVS and then everything just came together.  Just a thought.


sounds like you have a mixed versions between tests and the jars?

Runtime errors suggest that the dlls found by the class loader are out of date. Ensure that you only have one copy of each of the dll's on youre comp - wether they be in the windows directory, java/lib/ext or whereever

Compile time errors suggest youre classpath is picking up outdated jars