Not copying library C:\Path\assets , it's a directory

Hello JME com !
When i try to clean & build the Project i get the following line in the output:
“Not copying library C:\Users\Gamer.jmonkeyplatform\assetpacks\RlMapposEditor\assets , it’s a directory.”
I tried everything I could find on google: create a new Project and copy files, restart the SDK, rename the Assets Folder.
When i c&b a new Project I created he also gets the error.

Pretty sad is that my MapEditor is nearly finished and now I get a problem like this -_-

Looks like you didn’t use the “BasicGame” template. And is there any reason your project is in the folder called “.jmonkeyplatform/assetpacks” in the user directory, because thats a special folder which the SDK uses for assetpacks…? Are the assets settings for your project correct? (Project Settings->Build->Assets)?