[not relevant] NPException at com.jme3.ai.agents.util.GameObject.setMoveSpeed?

I’m running this code:

Agent agent = new Agent(“First agent”, f.spatial);

But on setMoveSpeed I get a NullPointerException because Vector3f velocity is null… I’ve studied the samples but can’t find what I’m doing wrong (I am running the latest github of MonkeyBrains.

I fixed that you can move with only setMoveSpeed and agent code will work. With includement of steering behaviour, there is no separate move speed parameter for agent, but it is integrated with agent velocity. If you change speed of agent, you change the intensity of velocity vector.

The documentation is not yet updated as integration with steering behaviours is still in progress.

As this is also use of MonkeyBrains project, and not the general AI problems, post in MonkeyBrains subforum.