Note to the developers / Methods of class ””

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I noticed the following method in the class:

[java]public void broadcast( Filter<? super HostedConnection> filter, Message message );[/java]

In the javadoc, it says:

Sends the specified message to all connected clients that match the filter. If no filter is specified then this is the same as calling broadcast(message) and the message will be delivered to all connections.
// Broadcast to connections: conn1, conn2, and conn3
server.broadcast( conn1, conn2, conn3 ), message );
// Broadcast to all connections exception source
server.broadcast( Filters.notEqualTo( source ), message );

But when I look over the code of the class, none of the methods is static. (Although they're not using local variables or something connected to a single instance) Even in the description of the class itself is written:
Static utility methods pertaining to Filter instances.

Maybe you've just overlooked or forgotten it - In that case, I hope, this helps you. :)
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Thanks! Not sure how I did that.

Fixed in SVN.