(November 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

So I’m not the only one who thinks Spoxel looks a bit like Tekkit with Sphax texture pack :smiley:

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It sure does look a lot like Sphax, especially that white marble texture in the center left.

Hey @glh3586 do you make the assets yourself? Looks like you got quite some talent for tileable textures. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve made all the art assets myself so far. That cartoonish Sphax look is what I patterned my style after. It was a lot different when I first started. When I first started working on Spoxel I wasn’t sure I was going to use textures at all and it would have been some sort of voxel styling.

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haha yea :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s old is new again…

I’ve taken this week off from my day-job to spend some quality time with Mythruna. In many cases, unmothballing a project like this and upgrading its dependencies is quite painful. Then when you get something working again after being broken, it’s kind of exciting.

Here we have the ‘hand drawn’ shader working once again:

Sometimes it does a really nice job.


Ah yes … This nice shader …

I have my eye on it for a long time … :slight_smile:

Food introduced!
We have cheese, potatoes, corn, you name it! There’s even monster’s guts (as consumable as everything else). Those steaks got so large I used them as my new wallpaper.


Thanks to @nehon and his work on gamma correction (especially writing down his thoughts), I’ve implemented gamma correction. It is also working nicely together with HDR. Day and night cycles look so much better now. Here are two comparisons:

I am also beginning to understand how to set up my own mipmap bloom filter:


Where can I read those @nehon thoughts? :slight_smile:
Those images look really good btw, nice job.

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@Apollo it’s really amazing. :grinning:

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Thank you guys.

@tukez You can find 'em here. If you use an HDR tone mapping function the thing becomes more complicated though.

EDIT: This is the link to the JME sRGB pipeline, which summarizes gamma correction very well.

Hi you all,
Yesterday and today I started playing around with nice effects that would add some good looking value to some games.
I looked specifically at making a Chromatic Aberration and Shock wave post processing filter for my games.

So I created a little video that showcase it in action. If any of the other fluffy characters touches the red character it creates an impact with those 2 effects. Also with some screen shake.


Cool! Will these be part of Galago?

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The shock wave effect makes me feel dizzy in fullscreen mode. Very cool!

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Yes @Pesegato, it will be checked in soon.

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That looks awesome. Can you post some video please?

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Yes, but first I need to make a video. :movie_camera:

And here is the problem: My current hardware is from 2009 and incapable of making a video. So you will have to wait for the video, but it will come.
Hopefully in the December thread. :snowman2:

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Playing with old game and reprogram it with jme3.1

The problem is that there are too many triangles for each land (20K or more), I’m tring to reduce the triangle count.

I now separate the mesh in a 256*256 gird, only nearby mesh will be seen by player and add to bulletAppState.



Really excited to see you working on Mythruna again, very cool stuff. :sunglasses:


Thanks. It’s been kind of a rough week slogging through old code.