(November 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

To keep the WIP tradition up!

Here is my latest state of my game. Since my last post i managed to include the atmospheric, light scattering proper placing of trees, a lot of network rework and the creation of “citys”.


So still working, and having fun whit glow map :smiley:


I kind of have something to show this month…

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on adding general “drag and drop” support to Lemur in a flexible way. I’ve made a demo with two different types of containers:

…so far so good.

I still need to do some cleanup before it’s done… on both the DnD code and the demo. But it’s finally working at least.


Amazing! Thanks a lot for doing the Drag 'n Drop!

I’ve finally reworked an old shader base grass and it s working fine, It could probably be way better but I will use this as it is in my game i suppose!


Very nice! Are you using some kind of LevelOfDetail (LOD) here? Will grass be visible at a certain distance only? I have no idea of shaders, that’s why I am asking :relieved:

The grass will be integrated into my other LOD system in game, so no it s not really be usable by anyone else with out work.

Well, I suppose its time for me to share what I’ve been working on :smiley:


I like the style of it, care to share more about the game?

Sure :smiley: It is a multiplayer strategy game, you control the refueling bases to prevent your enemy from refueling. You do this using the turrets that are shown in the screenshot. you can steal bases and turrets from your enemies. I am also pondering a few ideas for single player mode.

I revamped my dungeon generation code to allow for more complexity in design and added a lot of new blocks. Now i’m just banging my head against a nifty bug. Apparently the tooltip layer is below the popup layer so you can’t do tooltips on modal dialogs sigh.


Really looking forward to this, looks great! I did my own tooltips in Nifty using a class with static methods and variables to keep track of the active tooltip and then a hover effect that activated and deactivated it.

Yes, but are you using them in conjunction with popups? Popups seem to be attached to a completely different screen and rendered after the normal GUI. I’ve attempted to attach the tooltips to that screen but I haven’t gotten them to show up. I’ll probably have to come up with something more creative to get that to work.

Have you tried submitting a bug report to Nifty project? They are quite helpful people in general. Your issue sounds real.

No I suppose not, I just created all my own popups rather than use built-in popups.

I wanted to verify it was actually an issue with Nifty first and it wasn’t my code. Not sure they would even fix it at this point because i’m pretty sure its an architectural problem and not something that is easy to fix. Given that there has been close to 0 movement on the nifty project in 5 months I’m not going to hold my breath

You should try still. 1.4.1 had bad bugs that made JME 3.1 unusable with it. They quite fast fixed them to 1.4.2 when they were reported. Even though they seem to be in stand still.

I gave up on Nifty myself, now remodeling using Lemur. Currently working on a stock exchange interface concept:

Aside from minor hickups and containers not putting stuff where I want it to be, Lemur has been pretty awesome so far. A lot closer to the ideal JavaFX 8 gui than Nifty and even has event handlers for buttons.

My only critique would be the styling system which is way overly complicated for my taste, haven’t managed to make anything remotely good looking with it yet. Thus I still use the glass theme like everyone else lol.


Note: the styling system is only just calling setters on the GUI elements… which you can always just do directly in code if you don’t want to use the styling system.

…and then when you’ve repeated the same calls 50 or 60 times you’ll think, “Wouldn’t it be easier to just add that once in a .groovy file?” …then the styling system will click.

No screenshot this time. Lets see our next promo comic for Skullstone.