Null pointer

hey guys i am using Netbeans 7.0.1 RC1 and i imported all jar files, and everything seems to work well. except when i run the project it game me this exepction:

“java.lang.NullPointerException: Material definition cannot be null”

when i copied the first tutorial code on netbeans.

plz help thanks

First of all, why do you use NetBeans and not jMP? Its the same plus you get additional tools. Second: What was the code you copy&pasted, what is the error output. The error message is pretty obvious, maybe you try and solve that problem? The tutorial code is also in the jme3 tests project and they work fine.

i fixed my problem,it turned out that the unshaded.j3me was missing from the SDK that i packaged onto netbeans…i have both…when i copied the code of the second tutorial…the output was the same cube which was supposed to be 2 cubes and no error.The error occured in net beans were the missing material was .I d rather work on the platform

where is the assetmanager…isnt i the asset file in the project?i got the unshaded material and copied it there with the same extention common/MatDefs/…i am getting the same error

cAsE sEnSiTivItY

nvm i was working on alpha 2…after i installed alpha 4 everything worked fine thanks…i thought they were the same