NullPointerException Android port

it’s a me again, i have many problems i would like to be solved before, that’s why im testing out scenarios for android environment, im a novice so please use simple words. i think this is my last problem. i would like to use tonegodgui but i got this error in android but not in pc.
edit: im sorry i fell asleep , here it is.

Exceptions are nearly useless without a stack trace… so don’t bother to even mention them without one.

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i didnt know it was posted i was still writing the last thing I remembered. sorry for the inconvenience.

There are many versions of ToneGodGUI, and it is difficult to interpret the stack trace without knowing which one you are using. It appears your Screen object lacks a “Keyboard” style. I suspect an error either in your startup sequence or your style map. Perhaps @t0neg0d will comment.

i got it from here, Release jme3-3.0.10 · meltzow/tonegodgui · GitHub

i just tried adding a window and a button to test it.