.obj-files not imported properly?


I recently discovered that all children of my imported *.obj-model has no local/world translations (local translations is just (0,0,0), world translation is the same as the parent's). Is this on purpose or am I missing something? The models are loaded properly, but all children do not have any coordinate-information (this includes rotation aswell). And no, the model's children aren't just all in the middle of the model g. The models are a bit more complex than just a box or so :).

The models are made with Misfit Model 3D and I'm using jME2.

This is the code for the model-importing:

URL modelFile = getURL(path + "model.obj", ResourceLocatorTool.TYPE_MODEL);
URL modelFolder = getURL(path, ResourceLocatorTool.TYPE_SHADER);   //I think the type isn't important here *g*
FormatConverter converter = new ObjToJme();
converter.setProperty("mtllib", modelFolder);
ByteArrayOutputStream BO = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
Node model = null;
try {
   converter.convert(modelFile.openStream(), BO);
   Savable savable = BinaryImporter.getInstance().load(new ByteArrayInputStream(BO.toByteArray()));
   if(savable instanceof Node) model = (Node)savable;
   else {
      model = new Node();
} catch (Exception e) {}

Maybe  someone can help me, because it's necessary for that getLocalTranslation() of a child from a loaded model is not just (0,0,0) ^^.

Ok, it looks like local-translations are never imported from a model…

But somehow I need to get the local-translation-information from the TriMeshs. I just don't know how,

so is there a way to compute those infos from the Vertices or so? Hope someone can help me :confused: