Objects not rendering - debian

Hello, I’m new to jme3 and i was following the tutorials. I have a pretty weird problem, i tried out the second tutorial where u render 2 rectangles.

Only 1 of them appeared. I just copy pasted the code from the tutorial so I don’t think there’s any problem with that.

I am running this on Debian 6.0.4. I updated the mesa to version 10 just to be safe as well.

The graphics card is a built in Intel, it does support Open GL 2.1, it renders fine on windows actually.

So could anybody tell me what might be the issue? Thanks in advance.

does the tutorial use by any chance *.dds textures? as far as I know mesa needs a addon to support those.

Thanks for the reply. This is the tutorial I was trying. It does not involve any dds textures it seems, only Unshaded.j3md.

About this file actually, is it included in a library that is included programatically? because the files are not on the path that the tutorial uses (“Common/MatDefs/Misc/Unshaded.j3md”).

Any other suggestions?

FYI: Unshaded is part of the JME core data and is included in one of the JME jars.