Occasional contractor needed

I’m looking for one or several people experienced with jmonkeyengine to do work for https://realtraining.no
It’s not a fixed term job, rather it will be occasional when there is need for development. It’ll be paid, of course, and terms can be negotiated on a per-project basis.

About Real Training:
Real Training has provided fire extinguishing training in VR since 2017, both through courses of their own and as a provider of kits for other trainers, most notably Securitas in Norway.


  • Intermediate knowledge of jMonkeyEngine3 and the SDK
  • Good understanding of Java (7-8)
  • Experience translating and converting business requirements into tasks.
  • Ability to independently solve problems.


  • VR experience
  • Blender experience
  • OpenCL experience
  • Prepared for contract work through business entity

There is no work planned in the near future, this is more to gather a short-list of people to contact when there is a need, to save time.

I will act as liaison for the time being, so feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Rickard (rickard@mindemia.com)


The realtraining.no link throws an expired certificate warning.

Second the report that there is an expired certificate involved somewhere.

Also, are there language requirements for these jobs? The website appears to be entirely in Norwegien…

OK. I’ll pass the info on, thanks for noticing.
No other language requirement than English…

I was employed part-time at this company for 3.5 years and at first I ignored the red flags.

My work contract didn’t get signed properly and they silently ignored my requests to include specifics about vacation, social insurance and EFTA agreements.
My salary was way below market rate and I paid a part of the company’s share of my social insurance from my own pocket. I didn’t demand payments to my pension account (which are legally required), thinking I could help the company grow. It set me back 10k+ €, another not unsignificant percentage of the salary. Raise and bonus was offered from the beginning as an argument for the low wage but that never happened, no adjustments for inflation.
Quite often they just wouldn’t pay me and then try to shift the blame to me for not telling them to pay.
They tried to push me into a contractor’s position. I strongly believe to get rid of my annoying worker’s rights.
The CEO constantly tried to induce guilt for even wanting payment. He initially refused to give paid vacations.
After I agreed to increased workload, they initially didn’t pay increased salary.

They fired a valuable coworker and then tried to manipulate him into working for the company for free since he was getting money from welfare now anyway…
The models are made by a minor who they admitted was distracted from school.

In true capitalist fashion, the CEO tries to offload his duties without putting effort into his own company and let others build it for him. No effort put into communication of vision, ignoring mails and requests for feedback, not enough capital. It seems playing business man is his priority.

The CTO is nice and committed but a fan of sunk costs and thinks rushing and neglecting clean code to the point of wrong indentation leads to results faster (guess who will spend the time bugfixing).

The work itself was exciting and the lack of management also meant freedom.
But with my past experience I’ll tell you how I read this post: They’re looking for the cheapest labour, contractors without rights that compete with each other and also take on the responsibilities of the managers.

Have some self-worth and don’t let them screw you.

Consider that as a contractor you probably won’t be entitled to (social) insurance, any other rights, benefits or protection. Do your research. They won’t be doing it for you.
When working remote, consider who’s paying for office, hardware, power.

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I’m sorry that’s been your experience. I wish you the very best on your future endeavors.

I agree that before someone takes on (any) work as a contractor, they should first find out what that entails.

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