(October 2015) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

We keep firing the staff getting paid to write all of those exporters. I mean, it’s such a simple problem, I’m not sure why they keep failing to do it. So we fired them all. We’ll probably fire this batch too. :wink:

Actually, we’re waiting for you to write one for us.

Edit: and actually, we do currently have someone working on a format called xbuf… but I doubt he has the funds to afford a 3DS Max license. Are they still like $2000 these days? I’m sure he’d be willing to accept a license donation, though. :slight_smile:


@pspeed: Cool. My mom used to use math blasters for a similar purpose. (Actually a sort of re-boot/sequel called “The search for Spot”)

Does the player get to choose which answer to enter first? If so, I see some possibilities for strategy/trade offs in the higher levels. Depending on the kids’ ages (and how evil dad wants to be :wink: )

Every player of this type of game starts to triage as the levels get harder. (I should know. My typing tutor program had one of these: Comma, Colin, Parenthesis? Check. And they fell faster. Antidisestablismentarianism? I had time.)

One could make attacker problems that have statistically been a challenge have a higher damage rate than normal problems. Skew the color toward red or something, to encourage the player to prioritize them.

Later on, as their skills improve, maybe an ultra-challenge level, where the damage from the attacker (alternatively, the time that it takes to arm the blasting charge) varies in proportion to the answer to the problem. The idea would be to encourage solving several problems in their head, and then prioritize based on the answers.

3ds pricing is beyond a joke. Nice models btw.

…well…i wish i have time to do just that (MaxScript exporter for JME3), but at this stage, im too far in development of game, plus remastering 1st episode with JME3 , working on 3rd episode /media, almost complete/ and working on concept art for new title /O-Bot/ )…most probably Ill have to do just that for O-Bot, as media export from 3dsmax->Blender->JME3 is proven to be a bit tricky and not pleasing at all…

…i suppose it is expensive, but i didn’t got it to play with it as a hobby, but some sort of ‘investment’ in to tool chain, which was, far as i can say, already payed out

…i just want to say that im really not complaining about JME3, otherwise, ill not be using it…i just found it bizarre that such well done system, doesn’t have its own proprietary format which meeting engine media features, and instead, using either another open source engine file format (Ogre) or Blender…thats all…other than that, its pure jewel to work with and its my main workhorse, when we talk about desktops… :wink:

Yeah, you click on the one you want to answer and then click the answer into the on-screen keypad. (Means I could same day support multiple choice even for speed-rounds.)

One of the reasons I keep statistics on every answer is because I’d like to have challenge levels and stuff. Still haven’t figured out exactly how they will work yet as currently if you answer a flashcard then that ship explodes. All things are possible.

My current goals are just to replace our post-dinner flashcard sessions with something the kids can do even if dad is busy. That way they won’t miss their ice cream trip because of me. :smile:

I am looking to the future, though. I’ll have to keep evolving it to keep up with them anyway and I hope the general “framework” might be used in the future for other memorization skills.

Asked and answered. :slight_smile:

I started with a point and click game. This is the first room the player will awake and ask her self (as it is a girl currently) where the heck am I and how did I got into this mess.

I’m heavily experimenting with JME3 :smile: and it’s quiet a lot of fun.

In the final game only the matches are there :slight_smile: and hopefully I get managed to make those icons by my self instead using some free ones, but this is just a prototype.

I experiment a lot with light sources. The player wont move if it is dark.


I like the ambience! nice work

Working on menu mechanics.


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I have been playing recently whit some old stuff in the ruin of the old google repo, and the resutls are sooooo cool :smiley: here is a little example, i’ll try to post more later x)

Btw if you know any concept designier that want to work on a desert city, we have 2 modeler on the team that could realy use some help whit this x)

(for some reason the gif aint loading very well, so here is just the screen cap xD )


Been playing around with getting some clouds going in Skylimit Tycoon recently. Needs more work though. Currently it uses the ParticleEmitter to create a cloud but not sure it works out the best. Might need to tweak the emitter.


I really like the gui.

Thanks, we’re using JavaFX for that. Still needs to be polished up in places.

I see it … I see a pussy cat … it’s hopping on a crowd of people doing the moon walk! :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:
Nice rim lighting by the way…

Thank xD The pussy cat is suppose to be a slime, but i guess it could really use some work x) But don’t you want to put a little bullet in is cute little face already? x)

The rim lighting was done using ShaderBlow , really this stuff is great. I should soon be able to make a little tools to make rim testing live on the material, and after that when we finaly have your own model i think we should be able to do some crasy stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Those pussy cats reminds of something…
Oh right! The knight from an old game I worked on about 2 years ago:

Same eye design! I also used the same toon shader!

Supposed to be an action-adventure, unfortunately, it was poorly coded and structured due to my poor programming skills at the time so… yeah.


Well give that knight a shot-gun or a laser rifle and am pretty sure he would stand a chance again that giant and cute killing machine :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m learning jME3 and trying to make some plugins to import 3ds max models, such as ase/3ds/max, into jME3.
Now I’m working on AsePlugin, this is an ASE model imported.


WoW good work everyone. Making me feel bad for not putting more effort in to my game. Time to secretly install jme3 at work.

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Suddenly feel like I’m a kid playing Mario 64 again, looks really friendly and cool