(October 2015) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Surprised no one started this one yet and it’s already the middle of the month.

I’ll kick it off with my stupid-simple game I’m working on right now… “Math Attack!”

Basically it’s a math flashcard game for my kids.

Main menu:

Answer entry:


Using some free assets from http://kenney.nl/ and just the default UI styling. Trying to get the game working before I tweak it and add backgrounds and stuff.

It keeps track of which problems the player gets wrong and so the idea is that I can go back and see how many points my kids racked up at the end of the week and take them for ice cream or something. Also, there can be challenge levels to poke at their tracked weaknesses.

Thinking yesterday, I may add some programmer levels like flash cards for converting binary to decimal or binary to hex, and reverse.

Edit: I’d post a demo but right now it just keeps repeating the second level over and over. :slight_smile:


This is a great idea, I hope its worth the effort.

I need paper to write on for that, lol

just getting text to render half decent has been a challenge with Nifty. The panel on the right is our intentory of tactical actions a user can power up with We are eventually going to scrap it for Javafx but the shift would take a lot of work.


Why dont you go for lemour ?
@pspeed game here looks nice with his GUI…

So I’ve been working on some actual models, since I can’t make a bloody trailer with placeholder boxes:


I really don’t like how the space agency one turned out, so definitely completely re-making that one in the next few days.


I’ve been working on an new game as well, called AntMaze3d.
Its an small remake of one of my old games, about an girl lost in an maze full of ants.
It will be free to play on android, and the plan is to finish all the work in one month, I already expend almost 15 days on it but its almost playable already, some screens :




Because I am too close to release. I will rip it all out post release and
patch it in though, but right now it’s workable.

Character modelling is my biggest challenge but I am making progress I think


Multi Dominoes on Ouya. Reaching final stages for first version release

Edit: here are better screenshots taken using ddms


…here is some screens from just finished part of the level(puzzle)…transfer from 3dsmax->blender->JME3 is proven to be a bit pain, but ill manage for this time…i would love to have some native export from 3dsmax or at least FBX support…


That game looks pretty cool! I’d like to play it! Nice models!

Some (limited) FBX support is already available, at least for static models.
I am currently working on proper polygon triangulation as well as skeletal animation import.


…FBX support, you mentioned, is related to v3.1, or 3.0 will have it as well?? That will be extremely helpful to me, as i could export directly from 3dsmax all i need without having some really annoying issues with transfer trough blender…

Sorry to post again, but I’ve made some interesting progress:
These are scavanger faction plasma cannons. And yes, they look like some WW1 artilery combined with a sci-fi laser. Perfect.

Reworked that space agency engine, looks like this now:

And the other two used on ships:

The other two factions’ cannons are next, then come the command pods, shield emitters and tractor beam emitters. Looks like it’s gonna be a week and two weekends of blender :stuck_out_tongue: Not that I’m complaining. :smiley:


What is your game about ? Mmo ? Rpg ?
Will it be procedure generated ?
It looks a bit like the Starmade, another game done in jmonkey.

Some news from Drohtin!
We created a new main menu with a new style and a random generated 3d background.


Not quite. What it basicly is (or will be), is TerraTech in space with quests and trading.
Yes the star systems are already procedurally generated, but some features are still tons of work ahead.

Can’t explain how much i’m into it like you are.


This mouth-mask,looks so brutal and…evil.

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Those are very nice models, why do you prefer 3dmax on blender ?

…well…i use 3dsmax/Maya for ages, in professional work, and its sort of industry standard, i have seen during time i was with Codemasters as well…most of game studios i have seen, using 3dsmax/maya…i never used Blender before, and i do not like its user interface, but thats secondary…i just dont understand how come JME3 do not have its own export file format available for major modeling tools…if i have to chose one thing i trully dislike about JME3, thats pipeline related to media (3D) export…