(October 2015) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

…what tool did you use for rendering?

Blender cycles. I’ve been using blender internal renderer until recently, hard to get the lighting right with that though. The image was even worse before I scaled it to post lmao

Wait wait wait, you guys are saying that you can export light sources from blender to jme?

My new game is almost done, but it tooks me only one month to finish and it was my first attempt on android and in animations :


It will be free to play, I still need to do some refining, but if someone wants to test the beta just let me know.
I am very happy with the game play and the performance, its running fine on the worst devices I could find :slight_smile:
Obs: I already fix the english error on screen :chimpanzee_laugh:


I’d be happy to test it out :smiley:

If you’re talking about my post, my image is a pre-rendered background, nothing was imported from blender light wise. I think you actually can get maybe point/spot lights from the .blend into jme but never tried.

Busy with real life work lately (even more than usual), but managed to sneak basic terrain modification in. Of course the picture is static and you can’t see it really happening, and that might mean it never happened… A little teaser from the next progress update video then :smile:

OpenKeeper, the Dungeon Keeper II remake.


…just finished lens flare class…lens textures are not so good, so ill have to fix that, as well as interaction with obstructions…