Oculus SDK & Quest. VR info in general?

Has anyone tried using JME on an Oculus Quest?

Is there a place on the wiki for JME VR information in general? I can’t find any documentation or information outside the forums. :frowning:


At the moment, VR support is only used by a small handful of users. I have fiddled with it on my Vive Pro, and it worked great, but that does not help you with an Oculus Quest. I would recommend creating a test project, or modifying one of the existing test projects (I thought there was a test in the jme-examples project, but I cannot find it now).

If you find anything useful, myself and others would love for some more info on using it. If you feel inclined and have the time, we would love if you might contribute your knowledge of the jme’s vr system to the wiki as you learn it.

the only General VR info i know from 100+ posts topic:

maybe in future myself will need to use VR too, but for now i dont have this knowledge.

There actually is a wiki entry:

But it’s rather sparse. What kind of info would you like to see there?

Not sure why I didn’t find the wiki page before. That’s a good starting point.

Since VR tech moves so fast it’d be nice to know which VR libraries the current JME is built against. For example, it says it supports the Rift. Which SDK is in use? Is there a roadmap? (Personally, I’m looking for an engine to use with the new Oculus Quest.) What are the known/current “gotchas”? Who’s doing what? Who needs help? With what?

As of when I worked on it, it supported three APIs:

  • OSVR (dead and shortly to besuperseeded by OpenXR, IDK if it’s still supported by JME)
  • OpenVR (SteamVR)
  • LibOVR (Oculus Rift)

Note that while it supports the desktop Oculus SDK, it does not support the mobile Oculus SDK, which is a bit different (but both are relatively similar).

I doubt anyone is using OSVR. I vote for deprecating and removing it asap. It also bloats the distribution with a bunch of libs.