Ogre exporter troubles

  1. I copy “Hellow collision”
  2. Create my level in Blender
  3. Convert my model to ogre and jmonkey
  4. Run level

assetManager.registerLocator(“new-scene.zip”, ZipLocator.class);
sceneModel = assetManager.loadModel(“main.scene”);

Screen level in blender

I create my level from cube why level rotate in jmonkey?

Why not work UV editing or ogre xporter?

Plese help

check face normal direction in model. looks like its wrong.

if you mean missing texture, idk. Im using GLTF, were using ogre years ago.

Can you send tutorilals

  1. GLTF and Blender
  2. Jmonkey and GLTF

Problem one solved - use GLTF.

Next problem “I create my level from cube why level rotate in jmonkey?”

before export: ctrl-a → apply all transforms

What options did you select when exporting our gltf?