Ogre skeleton rotation


I’m having some troubles with my skeleton.

It seems no matter how i rotate it in blender, it ends up the same way when i import it into jme3.The only way i’ve been able to change it is by ticking/unticking “Fix up axis to Y”, which works as expected. I would however like to turn it 180 degrees on the y-axis, as well.

I’ve also tried to change rotation programmatically by using setUserTransform and setBindTransform on the root/all bones, but that mostly seems to mess upp the mesh.

I can of course rotate the mesh 180 degrees, but since the skeleton isn’t rotated as well, the attachments don’t follow properly.

Any help on this subject would be much appreciated.


You need to rotate it in blender by make sure you are in Edit Mode when doing it. If you rotate it in object mode it will have no effect when importing to JME

Thank you.

Yes, i figured it out after a couple of frustrating hours. :stuck_out_tongue: