Ogremax and CAT ( 3DSMAX 2011)

HI there ,

i have an animated mesh made with CAT ( plugin in 3DSMAX 2011 ) and when i try to load it in the editor i have this :

Error in scene !

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException : 74

Can you help me ?


Well the very least would be the stacktrace with lines and the model to test. Else there is nothing we can do.

since it’s professional purpose project i can’t give you the model :frowning: , anyway how do i recover the stacktrace ?

it should be in the console.

However i can only suggest to to load the orge xml dtd file 8somewhere on the site of the ogre engine) and make sure the model is valid. After that try to follow the MeshLoader code in jme line by line manually and try to figure out the error.

how do i do that ? and what means dtd ? i’m sorry french here.