One More Night WIP

My first wip to-be-full-game using jme is a multiplayer murder mystery game called One More Night!

Here are some images from the current version!

bedroom hallway

the dining room

master bedroom

north hallway

Current Features:

  • Room interface that makes it really easy to create rooms. Right now it only takes ~7 lines for an entire room without furniture.
  • A big house as part of the playing field.

Future updates:

  • More furniture models, floor textures, wall textures, etc.
  • Implement day time, accusing, and meetings.
  • Create doors.
  • Create outdoor terrain and border wall.
  • Create holdable and shootable weapons.
  • Multiplayer (hopefully :grin:)
  • Sound (music and effects)

Disclaimer: This game was entirely designed by myself, it isn’t just a 3D rip-off of Among Us :laughing:


Great, keep working on it!
P.S. Table on the second screen looks disproportionate

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Yeah, I scaled it to be the right length, height, and depth, but it ended up making it not look right. I have plans to replace it for a new design.

So, are levels procedurally generated? That would actually be a really interesting idea.

It reminds me of a cross between Clue and Metal Gear Solid/Hitman. Of course, your description is a little vague, so it is hard to tell.

Each map is made up of rooms which are manually implemented in the code.
Here’s a sample:

Room sample = new Room("Sample Room", new Vector3f(UNIT, 0, -UNIT*10), UNIT*2, UNIT*5);
sample.setDoorTop(Wall.ENTIRE, 0, 0, 0);
sample.setDoorLeft(Wall.REG, UNIT, 0, 0);
sample.setDoorBottom(Wall.ENTIRE, 0, 0, 0);

It’s not like Clue (except for them both being murder mysteries). I’m not sure what Metal Gear Solid/Hitman is though…

Metal Gear Solid and Hitman are both stealth-based shooter franchises, with Hitman in particular being about assassinations without being caught. I haven’t played them myself, but my mind jumped to them as I was going over your description. It almost sounds like whoever is going to be the killer will go through a similar gameplay loop.

In my game, a murderer is secretly and randomly decided out of 5-10 players. The murderer’s job is to kill all but 2 people (himself and one innocent). The innocents job is to identify the murderer, accuse him, and then kill him for the win. Although all innocents have the same objective, they are not necessarily on the same team.

There are a lot more details that I will not get into.


I didn’t understand why you mentioned Among us in the original post, but now I do, pretty similar idea.
But, as you have a lot more details and facts in this idea, then it has the right to life. Good luck with it