One Week Left in Beta 1 Contest!

Just a week more to go before games need to be submitted…

Let the sleepless nights begin! More information will be posted in the next few days about how to post the games.


sweet, i thought i would have a break over xmas turns out im spending more time on it, damn it’s so addicting :smiley: Got my stock of alcohol and energy drinks to keep me going. Good luck everyone!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

yeah. sleepless nights

This is going to be fun…

Maybe some sleep will happen some time during the week.

Remember the 90’s? When you thought you were the only fool programming on christmas :wink: Cheers to all jME nerds ^^


I didn’t know what programming meant at all the 90’s :P. Less than 4 years of programming knowledge . I’ve started coding in VisualG xD. A portuguese pascal text editor :P.

I started programming 4.5 years ago. Started with python, and thought “programming is a piece of shit, how am i supposed to hack someone with this”, then stopped after 2 weeks for 1 year :smiley: before i came back, c++ <33

@normen said:
Remember the 90's? When you thought you were the only fool *programming* on christmas ;) Cheers to all jME nerds ^^

I don't know about you, but I made a pretty sweet looking prime rib. I'm going to wash that down with some mashed potatoes and at about 2300 will probably sit down to bestow some Christmas spirit upon noobs in Battlefield 3 ;)

Sounds almost like my plan, just that I had the ribs yesterday ^^

I just realized that at almost exactly the predicted time yesterday I was playing Battlefield and discussing PC vs PS3 maps with you… Predictable creatures we are :roll:

Does the competition end at 23:59 EST on the 31st?

Check rules wezrule :stuck_out_tongue:

@memonick said:
Check rules wezrule :P

Its a fair question. @wezrule, 2359 EST, yes. So that would be 0459 Zulu/GMT. That should give you time to party hard for New Years Eve and put the final touches on your game ;)

Here’s 17:49 now :). And there?

You are two hours ahead, so the time would be 0159 for you


cool thx :), gonna be a long night then :smiley:

Huu, iam on vacation until 31.12.11 :confused:

Definitely submit what you have so far, Petabot is quite a valid entry!

ETA on info on how to post games ? I gotta go away tomorrow :confused:

Oh boy I’ll move the timeline up. Will post a thread in the next few hours :slight_smile: