Online Game - Totem Trader - Looking for programmer

Hey! I am looking for somebody who knows jME fairy decently… You should know how to use the engine, and basic linear algebra concepts such as matrices and vectors in the area of 3D Math. Also you should be a clean coder who can document code. You would be programming the client with someone who is a good generalist programmer, but does not have any experience with jME.

The Game:

The game is an online tactics based game. The best description I can give is fantasy chess converted into the real time environment. Although “dumbed down” for the general public, it will be a very fun and addicting game.

About the team

Currently, there are 2 concept artists and a client programmer who is still learning the basics of jME - however he is a computer engineering student and an intelligent and fast learner. You would work with him. One of the artist is a professional, while the other is an art student. Me: I am pursuing a degree in computer science at a prestigious university, and am currently a software engineering researcher. I know 3D Math,openGL,GLSL, and jME forwards and backwards, and have held multiple software engineering jobs.

What has been done so far/Technology

The game will run in an applet. The server uses Hibernate and Netty. The server code is very mature and uses a very fast and easy to use networking system that I have coded. The system is very extensible, and is optimized for smaller packet size. However, the client has not been started yet. I spend most of the time working on the server.

Project Management

I have a very detailed private wiki setup which details the server and networking architecture. It contains all the information about the game. The code is hosted in an SVN host. I have a pretty extensive design document about the game - you should contact me if you want to see it.


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A nice project post all together, well done. Only one essential detail is missing: jME2 or jME3?