Oops! Forget about this post

Sorry, never mind :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do mind :stuck_out_tongue:

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sup everyone

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Forget about this reply.

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  1. Find an issue on your game
  2. Make a post about it
  3. Reread your post and realize that the issue is your fault
  4. Realize that you can’t un-post what you posted
  5. Edit the post to remove the embarassing bits
  6. Watch the unfolding of the best thread ever
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Heheh… I like to imagine it went like this…

Pesegato posts a question.
Pesegato is reading posts and notices a new post.
Reads it and thinks “Newb! Obviously it’s ‘this’”
…then realizes it was his own post.

I know it didn’t happen that way. But it’s funny to think about.

It’s happened to me when reading comments in 10+ year old code. “Hahah… what was this guy thinking about with this issue…” then notice the “-pspeed” at the end.


So I finished this new player model for my game today, accidentally put the texture of a different model on it, and it looks better with that than with the texture I made specifically for it



teehee, i had too

I’d merge the accidental texture with the intented one and call it a day :smile:

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