Open monkey strike work journal

Here I will post information about the development of the game.

Work name: open monkey strike
Genre: shooter
3d engine:
cleint-server: GitHub - nnpa/jsock: java tcp udp framework write special for game develop

  1. 6 players appear on a small level and participate in the shootout team 3 to 3.
  2. The game lasts rounds - after which the players earn points.
  3. For points players buy weapons.
  4. Clan play, ranks, chat.

The main stages of creating a game:

  1. game level loader +
  2. character model +
  3. game level engine: start, restart, reload round +
  4. shoot
  5. chat +
  6. clan, clan war
  7. shop and guns
  8. network +
  9. updater +
  10. site +
  11. server logic +
  12. gui +
  13. 10 level
  14. sound + effects
  15. test

Availability of 65%


Great, but you should think about some unique feature for your game. It seems like a common FPS to me right now.


Perhaps he should implement this common FPS first which shall then serve as the basis to build unique features upon.

@nnpa I’m not sure if this will be a TPS or an FPS but if it is the latter then you should use the info from these posts:
Weapon through wall.

Camera angle restriction.

Character’s movement restriction.

These features will add to the overall quality of your game.

public void simpleRender(RenderManager rm) {