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Is there any open-sources games based on jme? I know of aircarrier do you know of any other?

there are more games in development, but i don't know any finished one (maybe except furballz -

It does not matter if they are finshed or not I just want to look how they work more or less. I have messed around with allot of samples and the flagrushtut helped me allot, but I actually want to see how a game work that doesn't extend anything and has more that one game-state. I am going though the wiki atm but I am still a bit confused.

i could point you to my project, but you wouldn't learn much of it as it's currently a mess (i'm not using game states anyways) and i'm doing heavy refactoring (offline now, but i'll check in when the refactoring is complete).

Hi there,

I have the same problem. I made a game with a single Thread. After reading some post I wanted to switch to StandardGame, so it would be easier to have multiple states. After reading some more posts I gave it a go, but I'm not sure how I should handle this. Are there any examples of this? The tutorial Darkfrog made is nice but still doesn't explain how to make a game with StandardGame.

Is there anyone that already made a game with StandardGame and wants to share his source to help some of us who are somewhat new to jME.


maybe darkfrog actually used StandardGame for a game and can help you further. 

Yes, the current game I'm working on does use StandardGame, but it's not one I'm going to be sharing source-code for. :slight_smile:

However, I do have another game I need to refactor to utilize StandardGame that will be a good example.  When I have some time I'll try to get a little tutorial similar to flagrush for this other game.  It's a helicopter multiplayer top-view game.  Extremely simple, but should be a good example of multiplayer aspects, threading, and StandardGame.

Is there something specific you're having a problem with that I might be able to explain in the mean-time?

I am trying to create a really really simple fps but theres allot of ok more like most of the stuff I don't have an idea how to do it. Like for example gravity flagrush uses the terrain block to keep the player attached to the ground, I don't use terrainblock to make my terrain I just use a normal box. there is also other issues with just attaching a player to the tb like you can't ramp but obviosly flagrush needs to be simple  :wink: I would love to see how networking work because I have never seen a simple game with networking nevermind seeing a game with networking  XD

darkfrog how is your game doing? got some work done one it yet?  :stuck_out_tongue:

If I wouldn't keep getting bogged down with features for JGN I'd be making better progress. :o

My game is functional but I've got a long list of bugs and additional features that need to be added before the first release.  I'm working on it. :wink:

On the bright side, none of my bugs currently have anything to do with StandardGame. :wink:

whats JGN  :?

I'm using JME for my open source game.

I've not released anything, since it's still in development.

you can view the progress screenshots there.  As for code, it's open source at

I've not released anything, per-say, since it's still in development, and I've not actually put together a page with features, etc… that'll be coming up soon.

But if you want to "try" it you can go to and pull down the latest jdk 5 binaries.  I haven't updated the source zip, so it's currently down.

I will also remind you that the code isn't commented, I've spent so much time in the past writing engines and such that this time I actually wanted to get a game going… but feel free to check it out, it's not perfect, but it does work.

ScarFreewill said:

whats JGN  :?

JavaGameNetworking -